This privacy policy aims to be a lightweight and understandable explanation of how I (Katherine Franklin) use and process any personal data collected through this site.

Google analytics

To make sure my website is functioning correctly and gain insights into how I can improve it or its visibility, I make use of Google Analytics. For more information on how Google collects and uses your data, please see their information on the topic.

Email newsletters

If you subscribe to my mailing list, either via my subscription form or an opt-in marketing campaign, my newsletter service (MailerLite) will collect your email address. My email communications will include a reminder of how you subscribed, and there will always be an unsubscribe link that you can use at any time.

Intellectual property

For legal reasons, I cannot read or act on ideas or stories sent my way, so please don’t send any to me! All such communications will be deleted and not read. This does sadly mean I can’t read any fan fiction, if you happen to write any – but let this by no means be a discouragement to write it in the first place.

Improvements to this policy

I’ve aimed to make this policy as short and sweet as possible, but if you think I’m missing anything or have made a mistake, please contact me.