Along the path to self-publish my first book, The Empyrean, I came across a bunch of questions I couldn’t find the answers to. I hate that kind of situation, so I’ve decided to document it here a) to help anyone else in the same situation and b) to remind myself when I inevitably forget.

This is the landing page. As soon as I write an article, I’ll update the links here. If you have any questions or want me to prioritise a section, please ask in the comments! Some of this may also be useful if you’re pursuing traditional publishing.

Most recent guide posted: Becoming a Sole Trader (UK)

[At some point there will be a timeline graphic here]

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Planning your book

Picking a methodology
Software to stay organised
Level of detail

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Writing your book

Finding your pace
Other events
Setting your own goals

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Editing your book

Alpha readers
Beta readers
Manuscript assessments
Professional editing services

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Preparing yourself to be published

Building a presence
Registering as a sole trader (UK)
Getting a business bank account

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Preparing your book for publication

Front and back matter
Blurb, tagline and call to action
ISBN numbers (UK)
Cover design
Applying for a CIP notice (UK)

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Running a Kickstarter campaign

Choosing the right time
Creating the campaign
Choosing rewards and stretch goals
Marketing the campaign
Launching the campaign
Running ads
Campaign updates
Fulfilling pledges

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Marketing your book

Press kits
Social media posts
Advance Reader Copies
The book launch
Contacting individuals/websites
Entering catalogues

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Publishing your book

Updating your title information (UK)
Amazon KDP
Apple Books
Libraries and bookstores
Opening preorders
Going live
Sending copies to the archive

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Producing an audiobook

Choosing a service and/or narrator

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