The Austela–Crow Letters: 13

Re: The approach
To: Kai Loreli Wyn
From: Austela Arsaeria
At: Y 23,984SRB, M 08, D 25, H 00:14 2SC-14


Who would have thought that one planet could provide such a variety of food? I’m not sure there were that many separate ingredients – only three or four varieties of meat, maybe – but the things they do with their spices really shake things up from dish to dish.

In all, there were about four courses. We got to eat them while one of Rythe’s diplomats gave us a welcome talk – pointing out the animals that might eat us, what to do in case of emergency, giving an overview of local taboos, the usual. Apparently those flying animals they brought us in on spit a nasty acid and it’s best to stay clear of the business end in case they spill some by accident. Since that’s the end with the teeth, I wasn’t planning on it to begin with, but it’s nice to be forewarned.

Once they were done with the talk, they decided to show us to our rooms and let us get some rest. The real work, and the real exploration, begins in the morning. We’ve each been given our own rooms, which feels a little lonely, but it’s nice to have some space to myself. There’s a good view of the river from my window.

How’s Benazen looking?

Waiting for morning,

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