The Austela–Crow Letters: 4

Re: Found you at last!
To: Kai Loreli Wyn
From: Austela Arsaeria
At: Y 23,984SRB, M 08, D 05, H 07:01 SC


I suppose it’s only fitting that I take branding advice from someone who bears the name of a bird. Goodbye, Hashel, hello Austela. Austela has the ring of an older woman, so it’ll serve me well into retirement, at least.

Anyway, we were loaded onto the Ossian in the early hours of this morning. You’ll probably tell by the timestamp. It’s a comfortable ship – just as cosy as my berth with the Arsaeria, if nowhere near as colourful. I haven’t had much chance to scout out the locals yet, but I’ll keep an eye out for your sub-consul. I hope you’ve made a point of mentioning him because he makes interesting conversation and not just because you happened to remember his name.

Saying goodbye to the troop was difficult. They’ve become a sort of second family to me. Giglin was crying fit to fill Varna. I can’t help feeling that I’m leaving alone into the dark again, somehow more alone than before.

Did you feel the same, when you rose to become the crow?

Time-lagged and heading to bed,

Apparently possessing ‘strong ankles’,

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