The Austela–Crow Letters: 9

Re: Found you at last!
To: Kai Loreli Wyn
From: Austela Arsaeria
At: Y 23,984SRB, M 08, D 15, H 08:12 SC


I appreciate the vote of confidence in my ankles, and your attendance to my parents’ graves. I hope you didn’t have to go too far out of your way to do so. They have such small markers, and Benazen is such a large planet.

I haven’t managed much further research in the days since my last message, but I have finally been to see one of the delegation administrators. I will admit I hadn’t actually set eyes upon my own itinerary until I met with her, so I’ll apologise before you decide to berate me. Yes, the colour-coding was beautiful.

Apparently, our contact on Rythe was given the pick of the Arsaeria for this delegation. They weren’t quite sure on taste, so they thought it would best best to let them pick for themselves.

The administrator – let’s call her ‘pouty-face’ – isn’t impressed with their selection. She called me ‘inexperienced’, ‘untested’ and ‘unremarkable’. I like to think that only two out of that list are true. Anyway, it was clear she would have preferred they pick one of the older, more famous Arsaeria. This is why my itinerary is suspiciously generic. My job, it seems, is to mill around like a bogstandard foreigner on a guided tour and play nice if anyone decides to talk to me. They have me down for one evening of song a week. That’s it. It’s not like there are any singers on this ship besides me, and the musicians hardly make up the difference.

Perhaps the Rythians have a thing against music, too.

Wondering if feelings of redundancy lead to redundancy payments,

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